Towards a New Possibilistic Query Translation Tool for Cross-Language Information Retrieval.

TitleTowards a New Possibilistic Query Translation Tool for Cross-Language Information Retrieval.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsElayeb, B, Ben Romdhane, W, Ben Saoud, NBellamine
JournalMultimedia Tools and Applications, Springer.

Approaches of query translation in Cross-Language Information Retrieval (CLIR) have frequently used dictionaries which suffer from translation ambiguity. Besides, a word-by-word query translation is not sufficient. In this paper, we propose, evaluate and compare a new possibilistic approach for query translation in order to improve the previous dictionary-based ones. This approach uses a probability-to-possibility transformation as a mean to introduce further tolerance in query translation process. Firstly, we identify noun phrases (NPs) in the source query and translate them as units using translation patterns and a language model. Secondly, source query terms which are not included in any selected NPs are translated word-by-word using our new possibilistic approach of single word translation. Indeed, we take into account all query words and their translations when we choose the suitable translation of a given word. We start from the idea that the correct suitable translations of query terms have a tendency to co-occur in the target language documents unlike unsuitable ones. Finally, to increase the coverage of the bilingual dictionary, additional words and their translations are automatically generated from a parallel bilingual corpus. We tested our approach using the French-English parallel text corpus Europarl and the CLEF-2003 French-English CLIR test collection. The reported experiments showed the performance of the probability-to-possibility transformation-based approach compared to the probabilistic one and to some state-of-the-art CLIR tools.