Social IR

Recently, the fields of information retrieval and social network analysis have contributed to the emergence of a new category of information retrieval systems, namely the SIR systems (Social Information Retrieval). These systems extend conventional IR to incorporate the social context of search and recommendation. A particular aspect of SIR is the modeling of the social interaction between people (social ties), which is used for enhancing recommendation systems. Our goal in this topic is to see how information retrieval systems can be enriched by analyzing these social ties, and particularly the strong and weak ties that measure the strength of relationship between people.

Junior Researchers

Tweet Credibility Assessment

Twitter evolved from a basic social networking platform containing only personal chat to a news media (Kwak et al. 2010). Through its trending topics feature, twitter provides its users with instant insights about events all around the globe. However, since tweets are written by ordinary users and no audit is performed on them, their credibility may be in jeopardy. Since credibility is a major criterion in information quality, numerous solutions were proposed to evaluate tweets credibility.

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