The New Economic Environment to Manage Resources in Cloud Computing

TitleThe New Economic Environment to Manage Resources in Cloud Computing
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsBouamama, S, Belalem, G
JournalJournal of Information Technology Research (JITR)
Start Page34
KeywordsAuction Model, Cloud Computing, CloudBank, CloudSim, ctions Club

The Clouds have changed the way services are delivered to companies. The attractiveness of the Clouds comes from the (efficacy) effective gains (cost, performance, availability, fault tolerance...) and agility of enterprise applications and services. The computer infrastructure is becoming a supply chain services. Existing systems of Clouds do not support advanced mechanisms for the optimal trade applications across different Clouds. In this study, the authors proposed an environment consisting of a set of customers with a budget and a number of Cloudlet to process. Before starting the auction procedure, they fit in their separate group, previously formed according to a certain criteria, by paying a registration fee that will be cashed at a local bank in each Club.

If a customer does not have enough budget (client in crisis) to satisfy their needs, they can make a bank loan.

In this work, the authors propose the way to satisfy Clubs in terms of quality of processing cloudlets (Tasks) for each member of a Club, while minimizing their cost and their time of processing, and the way to integrate the principle of Auction Clubs in CloudSim simulator.